Fraternity and Sorority Recruitment

Recruitment (Membership Intake) is the process by which recognized fraternity and sorority chapters add new members to their organizations. 

Formal recruitment for many organizations takes place in the fall.  However, opportunities for membership will be available in the spring semester. Potential new members who are interested in the spring option will need to contact the organization of interest directly. 
*Please note that spring membership is not guaranteed and not all organizations will chose to participate in the spring recruitment/membership intake.

Council Coordinated Recruitment, is the recruitment process organized by the council to which those chapters belong.  Potential new members interested in participating in recruitment will register and go through a week of house tours and other visitation events.  At the end of the week potential new members will receive notification of what organization has submitted a bid to them for membership.  Council Coordinated recruitment typically takes place during the fall.

 At Georgia College, the following chapters will participate in the Council Coordinated Recruitment Process.

Alpha Delta Pi Kappa Alpha Order Pi Kappa Phi
Alpha Omicron Pi Kappa Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Delta Sigma Phi Phi Mu Theta Chi
Delta Zeta Pi Kappa Alpha Zeta Tau Alpha


Chapter Coordinated Recruitment, is the recruitment process that is presented by the individual chapters not their council.  Chapters hosting recruitment opportunities will post information around campus to invite potentials to an “Interest Meeting” to share information about the organization.  The chapters will host different events throughout the semester to allow the potential and the chapter an opportunity to get to know each other.  At a selected time in the semester the chapter will extend an invitation of membership to chapter.  Chapter Coordinated Recruitment can occur anytime during the academic year.

At Georgia College, the following chapters will participate in the Chapter Coordinated Recruitment Process.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Lambda Sigma Upsilon Sigma Alpha Omega
Alpha Phi Alpha Mu Sigma Upsilon Sigma Gamma Rho
Delta Sigma Theta Omega Delta Sigma Zeta Phi Beta
Gamma Sigma Sigma Omega Psi Phi  
Kappa Alpha Psi Phi Beta Sigma  


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